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Hello, I’m a Belgian developer and designer.

My name is Pieter Herman and I am 26 years old and I am a developer and designer based in Belgium. As a developer of software, websites and mobile apps, I am most passionate about developing solutions that exceed client expectations in terms of their functionality, stability.

Managing the complete project lifecycle from requirements gathering through to implementation, the solutions I deliver are of consistently high quality and utilise the very latest cutting edge technologies. Meticulous and well organised in my approach, I regularly advise clients on project progress and achievements and work collaboratively to ensure the swift resolution of any faults or issues that arise with the developed solutions.

Due to my technical expertise and strong communication and negotiation skills, I have also been instrumental in securing new assignments and projects with clients. Keen to progress further to a more senior development role, I welcome new contacts in the industry so that I can keep up to date on upcoming projects and developments. Please email me on info at with your contact details and I will call you back.


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Mobile:+32 (0) 471 65 72 71

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